Orochi Network SDK

Orochi Network SDK provides client-side tools that allow you to interact with the whole Orochi Network ecosystem. We supported browser and Node.js at the first place.


You can install Orochi Network sdk by running:

npm install @orochi-network/sdk

Please take note that @orochi-network/sdk requires es2018 to work as expected.


First you might need to import @orochi-network/sdk to your project

import { Orand } from "@orochi-network/sdk";

After you import the sdk, you can use our sdk in your project.

let orand = await Orand.fromRPC(
    url: "https://orand-test.orochi.network",

In the example above, we initiated an instance of Orand which provides verifiable randomness based on ECVRF.

To learn more about Orand integration please check next section.